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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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The main products are ...

  • The platform "European Generation Library"
  • The "European Generation Link Guidelines"
  • Deployment plan for a sustainable implementation
  • Multiplier Symposium for experts from EU countries

We invite you to our platform

The platform "European Generation Library" is interactive and internet-based. It contains some 100 recordings of people who have, during their lifetime, lived in more than one European country. Please explore this multicultural treasure of Europe. You may search the library using a variety of search parameters. It provides dramatic, fascinating, horrible, funny, amazing, ... - in any case valuable insights into the richness of Europe's cultural and social heritage.

Please get involved actively: Download our Guidelines and make multifaceted use of this resource!

The brochure "European Generation Link Guidelines" informs adult education providers about organisational aspects of using the platform, how to sensitise the younger generations (i.e. their learners) and motivate them to form tandem teams with older people who can contribute to the library, how to identify members of the older generation, how to develop templates for a structured input of the information, how to monitor the input and how to provide reflection for both older and younger people.


Brochure "European Generation Link Guidelines"

Excerpt "European Generation Link Guidelines"
focussing on  all relevant aspects of getting involved and adding stories to the platform


European Generation Link "Concept for Demonstration Events"

European Generation Link "Study on the Library Platform" 

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